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What We Do

Mission Partner Organizations

The packets (which have a 3+ year shelf life) are distribute to over 30 different developing countries that KCAH supports on a need basis.  Some of our partnering organizations are listed to here.



Rhema Lifeline .... with the help from KCAH we are able to feed 4,000 orphans every day in Haiti.  Without this vital lifeline many children would starve.                                               See Our Story in This Video 


SewHope .... our partnership with KCAH continues to help feed families who live in dire poverty and are being pushed to the brink of starvation. White flags rise across the country of Guatemala, symbols of families surrendering themselves to hunger. See Our Story in This Video 


Hope and Encouragement for Humanity .... delivers truckloads of food to impoverished areas of the United States, disaster areas or wherever there is a humanitarian need.    See Our Story in This Video 


Convey of Hope ... has helped with the distribution of millions of KCAH meals. With a vast logistical network meals can be delivered counties around the world.    See Our Story in This Video