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 Kids Coalition Against Hunger is a 501 c 3 humanitarian food relief organization whose mission is to significantly reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and feed starving children throughout the world.

















We accomplish this by delivering a highly nutritious meal, that was  developed by food scientists to provide a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed by an  undernourished child’s body and mind. The food is also acceptable to the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world. The food offers all nine of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition, something that can’t be said about other typical food relief sources such as rice or beans alone. It is also very simple to prepare, requiring only six cups of boiling water to make a complete meal. 

Our Food

Our History

Dr. Donald E. Burwell, started Kids Advancing Hope Coalition 1998. In 1999 Dr. Burwell opened the first Michigan Satellite of Kids Against Hunger, after attending a presentation where Richard Proudfit was speaking.  Mr. Proudfit, founder of the Minneapolis based Kids Against Hunger, wanted to open satellites all over the country.  Dr. Burwell’s priority was centered on the state of Michigan and the expansion the Great Lakes region through mobile packaging events.  In 2016, it was renamed Kids Coalition Against Hunger (KCAH).  Kids Coalition Against Hunger, the Michigan based 501 c 3, coordinates packaging events throughout many states, to feed starving children around the world and in local communities.


Currently, there are five divisions in Michigan: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Mt. Pleasant, Northern Michigan and Utica. These divisions expect to package in excess of 3.5 million meals this year. Kids Coalition Against Hunger's goal is to package an annual output of more than eight (8) million meals a year by the end of 2020. To date this food is sent to over 100 food pantries in the northeast quarter of the United States, and 18 countries around the world. Kids Coalition Against Hunger mobilizes civic, religious, educational, foundations, along with community and humanitarian organizations to help fundraise, package food, and deliver meals.


Serving together is our focus. Let’s work together to help feed the future of a global society.

Our Accomplishments

Kids Coalition Against Hunger has packaged over 18 Million meals since the fall of 2004.  To date, 170,328  volunteers have helped package meals. We have shipped over 4.5 million meals to Haiti, through The United States Navy, Coast Guard, and other humanitarian groups. KCAH has shipped over 100,000 meals to the Dominican Republic, over 114,000 to El Salvador, over 1.5million meals to Guatemala, and 108,000 to Baton Rouge, Louisiana as part of Hurricane Katrina relief effort. KAHC has sent 125,000 meals to Ghana, 65,000 to Cameroon and 485,523 to Kenya Africa. KAHC has also shipped 300,000 Liberia. 200,000 meals have gone to the following countries: Panama, Nicaragua, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Tobago, and French Guiana. We have shipped over 200,000 meals to Manila in the Philippine Islands. Finally KAHC has shipped over 7.5, million meals to local community shelters & food depots in Michigan, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  West Virgina and Wisconsin.

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Plan an Event

The coordinator of the event schedules a date/time with KCAH to purchase and bring materials and supplies to package the meals. Volunteers sign-up via various methods to assemble these dehydrated ingredients.


Volunteers that choose to participate are known to get involved in packaging events. Volunteers work together in an assembly line type model to produce one a packet of dry food weighing 390 grams. The packets (which have a 3+ year shelf-life) are then boxed and distributed. This packet provides enough nutrition for six adults or twelve kids.


One-third of the meals that are packaged go to local communities where they are distributed to various food pantries (i.e. food banks, soup kitchens and backpack programs at the schools) to name a few. The next third goes to over 18 different countries that KCAH supports on an ongoing basis.  The final third is stored in our Michigan warehouse for disaster relief support.

 These projects empower volunteers from all walks of life to share their talents and abilities to touch peoples’ lives whom they may know and some whom they may never see, but they do make an impact as they work together feeding children around the corner and around the world.


Click here to view the steps necessary for planning your own event.

Get Involved

Below is a list of items that are essential to moving this project forward:


1)   E-mail or fax (248-281-1772) your tentative packaging date (please have several dates that we may work with)

2) Within a seven-day time period, an e-mail conformation will be sent to you confirming your packaging date

3) Secure a facility large enough to host your event.

4) A Check needs to be sent for the event 30 days in advance, so that your supplies can be purchased. Note: (check amount should be the number of meals to be packaged x.28 = check)

Minimum amount 10,000 you may do more

5) On the day of the event please have 12 volunteers arriving one hour early to help unload and setup


Up to 1/3 of the food packaged at the event can be made available to your local food shelters


There are many convenient ways to support Kids Coalition Against Hunger by making a donation:


Mail a check, money order, or cash to:


Kids Coalition Against Hunger,

8600 Northend Rd.

Oak Park,MI 48237


Make an on-line donation right here on our web site (using a secure server). You can choose to have your checking or savings account debited, or have the donation charged to your credit card. To donate, please click on the “Donate” link at the top of the page


Donate supplies and services in-kind


Donate your time and effort and volunteer to package food



There are a number of different fundraising techniques that supporters have used over the years to raise money to package our meals. From bake sells, coin-box collection,  to selling of  tee-shirts that incorporate the  design of our trademark logo. There are many innovative ways to raise the .28 cent per meal.


One group requested that we send them KCAH food packets. They then use professional chefs to prepare the food using different ingredients native to different parts of the world.  They then had donors make a contribution at Fund Raising Dinner for the project.

Get Involved

Help at Our Warehouse

Get Involved

We do Hundreds of events throughout the year with the help of thousands of volunteers. We are classified as a non-profit commissary from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Our trucks and trailers are also classified as mobile commissaries. The KCAH facility meets high standards to be able to serve the food packets that we produce safely. We are always in need of dishwashers, equipment inspectors, and general labor that can help us continue to produce our meals cost effectively.


Please contact Robert Noel at (800) 269-0956 ext.: 703 or email him at Robn@kcah.info to find out how you can get involved!

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